We talked about the core rules of social media. The main rule for me is to be patient. But this is extremely hard. If you implement something, you want to see the results immediately. But it is not possible in social media. You have to understand the culture of social media.

Within our group-work we discussed about the project. We defined the project by answering the basic question of a project (aim, target market, tools, measurement, etc.). After that we constructed our online-marketing-plan (https://moodle.hamk.fi/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=44143). We have chosen the marketing tools (content- and outreach tools) which we want to apply in order to promote the "HAMK Sports Club". We also identified our “Calls to Action” which means what we want our target group to do. Finally we decided how to measure it. The group-work is efficient but hard because of feisty group-members.

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First contact lesson with Sven in "Digital Marketing".

The video form the course introduction (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJDw143SbB8) showed me which huge impact social media has. I was surprised about the amount of opportunities with which you can apply Social Media Marketing. There were some examples in the course activities with which I am not familiar with. For instance Podcast and Foursquare.

For my Learning Portfolio I´ve created my first blog. It was very easy to handle.

I`ve also used an online-mindmap for the first time. It is also very easy to handle (https://www.mindmeister.com/335620800?t=EOsrcIlCKt). 

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