The week 46 started with a short introduction of “How to produce an online-video”. I`ve learned what “to embed” means. At first you have to upload a video to a video-sharing website. After that you embed it back on your site. That means that you place the video there.

Then we decided in our group, what kind of video we will produce. Our idea is to start with a short introduction of the purpose of the video. We want to do this via a ”direct to the camera” interview. The videos continuous with scenes of sport in Valkeakoski. It makes a lot of fun to produce an own video. For the editing part we used the “Windows Movie Maker”.

The link to our own YouTube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOIeQV4zLMstmqY8oZ3PzkQ

The second theme in this week was photo-sharing. My own experience is to share some private photos via Facebook. Businesses using photo-sharing websites (e.g. Flickr) in order to visualize elements. With my group we want also use Flickr.com to share our photos. Some problems with the login occurred. We couldn`t find a way to register to Yahoo without giving our mobile phone number. After the registration we linked all our other social-media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, etc.).

The link to our Flickr page is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/108861422@N04/

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The week 45 started with a short introduction of Podcasting. For me it was completely new that the term Podcast consists out of the two words iPod and Broadcast. In the lecture I got a good introduction about the Podcast theme. I`ve never used a Podcast before and – of course – I`ve never created a Podcast before.

I started after the introduction from Sven with watching the video How To: Record A Podcast With Audacity. This video is very easy to understand. Then I started to hear my first Podcasts. After that we decided to use our iPhones and MacBook’s for recording, producing and editing our Podcast. The music for our Podcast comes from Jamendo.com. We could see, that it is really fun to make a Podcast, but it is hard to encode the end-product in the right format to upload it. Podpean is a good homepage to upload and promote it, easy to understand and for free. The upload time for new podcasts is long when you have a bad internet connection. The statistics to see who had downloaded, or subscribed it is very helpful to evaluate the results and success of the podcast. (Podcast: http://hamksport.podbean.com)

The second theme in this week was blogging. I have read some blogs in the past. But this personal learning portfolio is my first self-created blog. I like it to post interesting things to our target group and see that they enjoy reading it. However there are quite a lot of difficulties. At first to choose which design we want. We compared a lot of webpages and after a brainstorming within our group we decided which design we want. The brainstorming is for avoiding narrow thinking. The second issue is that if you have once started blogging, then people expect a lot of updates. That means that starting a blog is not difficult, but managing a blog is hard work. (Blog: http://hamksportsclub.wordpress.com)

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